Leadership & Board

Black Watch Premier (BWP) Board Of Trustees

Black Watch Premier is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. It has a Board of Trustees who govern the Club. BWP Albany, BWP Lee County, BWP Long Island and BWP Berkshire Prep Academy fall directly under this governance. The BWP Board of Trustees is comprised of the following members:

  • Dr. Daniel Esper, Chairman of the Board
  • Steve Freeman, President/CEO
  • Shaun Mahoney, Vice Chairman
  • Pat Petraccione, Secretary
  • Drew Wilson, Treasurer
  • Dave Ries, Member-at-Large
  • Peter Millock, Counsel


Black Watch Premier (BWP) Senior Management

Black Watch Premier (BWP) also has a senior management team which consists of:

  • Lawrence Jasenski, CFO
  • Steve Freeman, Sporting Director
  • Trey Jasenski, Academy Manager
  • Kate Leto, Operations
  • John Doemel, Team Account Manager

BWP Albany Local Admin Team

BWP Albany is a nonprofit organization and has administrative support staff locally in Albany, NY. BWP Albany has a Technical Director, Director of Coaching, Director of Operations, Director of Grassroots and a Social Media Content Manager. 

  • Technical Director, Trevor Gorman
  • Director of Coaching, Garrett Cobb
  • Director of Grassroots, Zach Votra
  • Director of Operations, Jim Clementi
  • Director of Mental of Performance, Dr. Cristina Fink