Club Flight Teams (9V9)

Club Flight Program Overview - U11s & u12s

The Club Flight focuses on improving and increasing technical skills. Training is twice per week and focuses on the application of technique within tactical situations while enhancing the speed of play. Greater demands are placed on the player due to heightened competition. The technical staff will teach players to be more specific and clear on the field, to deal with the ball in a variety of situations, and to want and enjoy the ball. The training-to-match ratio is 2:1 and the flight will play statewide in 9v9 match play and will compete in four to six tournaments throughout the competitive calendar. This flight begins training at the beginning of August and runs through the end of April.

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Club Flight Teams & Coaches - U11s & u12s


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Liam Farrell & Yakh'yo Yakubov

    Under 11s (9v9) - G2010/11s


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Luis Vega & Sheldon Cipriani

    Under 12s (9v9) - B2009s

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    JB Alvarez & Duane LaiFang

    Under 11s (9v9) - 2010s

Club Flight - U11s & u12s Teams