Premier Program Overview - U19Bs & U18Gs

The Premier (Showcase) Flight increases technical, physical, and tactical demands on the players, through competitive state and regional match play. Training is two to three times per week and focuses on supporting our student-athletes pursuing their goals of playing college soccer. The training-to-match ratio is 3:1. This flight begins training at the beginning of August until the end of October, resuming over the December holiday break and then running from the beginning of February through the end of April. The director of the premier flight will be Anthony Stovall who will be supporting all age groups with the college recruitment process.

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Premier Coaches - U19Bs & U18Gs


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Andre Nesfield - Anthony Stovall

    U18s - Girls 2003/04s


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Anthony Stovall - Diego Oliva & Daniel Kohl-Fink

    U19s - Boys 2002s, 2003s & 2004s

Premier (Showcase) Teams