A Note From “Cip” – Director of Coaching

Letter from Director of Coaching

Good morning parents and players,

We hope this finds you and your family in good health. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has affected our lives, but we hope to resume normal activity in the very near future. We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we are prepared for tryouts this year, as we expect an influx of new players. We have every member of our amazing staff returning to help continue our mission of unparalleled player development. 


Despite the abrupt conclusion of our Spring season, we still have so much to be proud about this year. Thanks to our coaching staff, we have really shown improvement in our quality of play and the identity of our club has become very evident. We have won some major tournaments, attracted the attention of several college coaches and had players spark the interest of professional scouts. 


Our time away from the field has allowed us to develop some very exciting programming to further enhance the education of our staff and development of our players. We refuse to stagnate and rest on this year’s accomplishments. Our methodology is constantly evolving and we are very excited to implement the most cutting edge approach this upcoming season. 


This is the most talented and ambitious staff I have ever worked with in my 29 years of coaching. I am extremely excited to see what their knowledge and expertise does for our players and our club. We are committed to creating something very special here and we have the people to do it. Thank you very much for your patience and loyalty to us. We look forward to see you all soon. Stay safe. 





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