A Note From Jesse – Technical Director

Letter from Technical Director, Jesse Cormier

It is an honor and a privilege to serve our soccer community in this role. We are a like minded group of coaches, players and families who are all seeking the powerful lessons offered by soccer in this world. We all have a deep passion for the sport, but equally the life journey and process that soccer offers everyone to develop personally, technically, and tactically. We believe in the unifying force of our game, the character taught and learned in the game, and how soccer can push us to become our very best version of ourselves as we all strive to succeed collectively and individually. As coaches, we have a leadership responsibility and obligation to behave as teachers and mentor our players and teams to respond and adapt to the challenges that we face throughout a full year cycle. Along the way, our focus will be playing aesthetically pleasing ‘futbol’ that is constructive, encourages creativity and demands a high level of skill in training and match play. Our collective goal is to build a unique club soccer model that represents best practices that is accessible for every passionate family, reinforces the love of the game, develops every player and their ideas on how to play the game at their highest level.

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