Black Watch Premier (BWP) and ProGame United have merged to create BWP Long Island (NY). BWP Long Island (NY) will create programming for players ages 5-18 years old. BWP Long Island will look to offer the best technical staff for our players to learn the game, manage competitive play and develop life-long skills that will help them be the best they can be! BWP Long Island will look to support its professional staff through an embedded Coaching Education Platform and create a professional learning community. Through this work, our players will be the beneficiary of modern practices and methods to better enhance their personal trajectories.

BWP Long Island and merged with Easthampton SC led by Martin Gutierrez to create an affiliate Club program in an effort to create additional access points for players further to the East on the Island. The affiliate program will operate Club-level teams and initiate the BWP Youth Academy and BWP Day Camps in the local market. All BWP Easthampton Technical Staff will participate in the BWP LI Coaching Education Platform.

Our Philosophy

We believe at BWP Long Island that the Club is the priority, and it is the Club’s priority to develop the player.  Therefore, we focus our resources and energy on a player’s development, this “player-centric” philosophy coupled with a progressive methodology by our technical staff supports a player’s enhanced performance in a collective environment. The Club’s technical program tries to create a learning environment for its players by engaging our players to think and understand their decisions in regards to the 4 Main Moments of Soccer. 

Creating an environment where winning is not the priority at the developmental phases (U6-U14), yet understanding why and how to play successful, competitive soccer depending on the game’s situations. 

As players progress forward in their development at the older ages (U15-U19), learning how to win becomes more of a priority and ultimately a measured outcome. Learning takes time with intervention along the way. We embrace failure and desire it through competition because it gives authentic information in which we create realistic training environments. As players develop in our affiliate system, there will be opportunities presented to all players seeking additional training and advanced level of play through our BWP Long Island Premier teams. Our affiliate system is a structure to try to keep players more local at younger ages, as well as create continued playing opportunities for older players who simply love our game.

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