LOCAL FLIGHT - U11s & U12s (9v9)

LOCAL Flight Program Overview

The Local Flight for our U11s through U12s increases technical, physical and tactical demands on our players, through competitive local, state, and even some regional match play. Training is two times per week and focuses on skill acquisition, application of skills in match-play training environments and understanding of how to play modern soccer. We try to create a training ratio of 3:1 (training to game).

The U11s and U12s begin training in the beginning of September and our program concludes at the end of June.

More Information on the Premier (Showcase) program email: sjfreeman5@gmail.com

LOcal Flight - U11s & U12s (9v9) Coaches


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Salma Tarik

    U11s - G2010s


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Tim Bradbury

    U12s - B2009/10s

LOcal Flight Teams