Leadership & Board

Black Watch Premier (BWP) Board Of Trustees

Black Watch Premier is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. It has a Board of Trustees who govern the Club. BWP Albany and BWP Troy Prep fall directly under this governance. The BWP Board of Trustees is comprised of the following members:

  • Dr. Daniel Esper, Chairman of the Board
  • Steve Freeman, President/CEO
  • Shaun Mahoney, Vice Chairman
  • Pat Petraccione, Secretary
  • Drew Wilson, Treasurer
  • Dave Ries, Member-at-Large
  • Peter Millock, Counsel

BWP Southwest Florida (SWFL) COUNTY BOARD

  • TBD, Program Director
  • TBD, Event Coordinator
  • TBD, SWFL Operations

Black Watch Premier (BWP) Senior Management


Black Watch Premier (BWP) also has a senior management team which consists of:

  • Lawrence Jasenski, CFO
  • Steve Freeman, Sporting Director
  • Kate Leto, Operations
  • John Doemel, Team Account Manager
  • Joe Scarchilli, SMCM

BWP Local Admin Team

BWP Lee County is a nonprofit organization and has administrative support staff both locally in Southwest, FL as well as in Albany, NY. Locally, BWP SWFL has a President, Chief Financial Officer, Company Operations Manager, Local Operations Manager, and a Social Media Content Manager. 

  • Steve Freeman, CEO/President
  • Lawrence Jasenki, CFO
  • Kate Leto, BWP Operations
  • Social Media Content Manager, Paradise Creative Group