Frequently Asked Questions

BWP Football Academy is committed to promoting an inspiring and positive soccer experience through our player development pathway with a technical, creative, and attack-minded playing philosophy!

As an organization, we strive to maximize each player’s personal development through our training and teaching methodology. Our goal is to try to meet each of our players where they are at, then leverage instruction and demands while developing technical/tactical skills, leadership qualities, sportsmanship, and a strong sense of team/club culture. We strive to be the place a footballer comes to get better! We want our footballers, both inexperienced and experienced to fall in love with the game!

How do I register for trials or tryouts?

At BWP Football Academy, we are proud partners with LeagueApps as our administrative platform. Our web presence and registration system work as one. Once accepted at the Academy, you will need to register for both a Tuition Account and a Team Account. The registration deposit is nonrefundable.

We do offer ongoing trials throughout the year. However, before a currently registered player for another club can attend a BWP FA training session, they must provide our Technical Director/Academy Director with written permission from the player’s current coach - email is sufficient.

What makes BWP FA different from other clubs?

At BWP Football Academy we value teaching and learning rather than chasing results and over-emphasizing winning. Our technical staff feels strongly that our youth players deserve training and match play environments that promote teaching and learning over results. This enables our technical staff to focus their energy on correcting and reinforcing the player’s behavior, application of technique in tactical situations, executive functioning and their overall personal development within the collective environment aligned with our principles of play and game model. Simply put, we are looking to invest in players and families who want their player to learn and develop rather than simply win a game or even a series of games. Our frequency of training is 4x a week for our Academy players. 

When does winning become part of the process?

At BWP FA, our priority is a player's development within the context of the team. Winning and the decisions associated with winning become part of the equation as players get older generally around 15-16 years old. We want our teams to be successful, but we don't want to win at the expense of the player's development particularly at younger stages of development. Patience is required in this long-term development process. The more experienced our players become and more consistent their understanding of our principles of play align to our game model, learning how to win becomes a larger focus.