Philosophy & Methodology

We believe at BWP Football Academy that the player is the priority, so our focus is to develop the player. Therefore, we focus our resources and energy on a player’s development, this “player-centric” philosophy coupled with a progressive methodology by our technical staff supports a player’s enhanced performance in a collective environment.

Our Learning Environment

 The Club’s technical program tries to create a learning environment for its players by engaging our players to think and understand their decisions in regards to the 4 main moments of soccer. Soccer is a complex network of decisions needing to be made in possession and out of possession.

Calculated Development Stages

We offer a group in the Forming Stage in our Academy - U13s-U15s and Formed - Academy - U16-U19s where learning how to win becomes more of a priority and ultimately a measured outcome. Learning takes time with intervention along the way. We embrace failure and desire it through competition because it gives authentic information in which we create realistic training environments for our players to practice reading game situations and applying our principles in play aligned with our game model.