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BWP Football Academy Trials for the 2024/25 campaign wind down

BWP Football Academy held four trial dates between June 20-26, 20024 at Christian Brothers Academy in Colonie, NY. “After several very challenging years recovering from the pandemic, adding additional elements and demands to our training periodization, and the continual shifting in the soccer youth development landscape, I am very pleased with the turnout for our trials this year,” stated Academy Director Steve Freeman. The Academy saw about 100 dedicated boys trial with the club, and compete for spots within the BWP Football Academy. The Academy has age groups in the following categories – U19s (2006/07s), U17s (2008s), U16s (2009/10s), U14s (2011/12s) and piloting a pre-academy U12s (2013/14s). BWP Football Academy trains 4x a week and its competitive season runs November 1 – mid July annually. The pre-academy pilot will take off in mid-September and run through the academic school year training 3x a week. “Our focus continues to be on the individual player development within the team construct. We are very fortunate to work with and support our current players and the new additions to our Academy going forward.” The BWP Football Academy will continue to receive potential interest and talent throughout the next couple of weeks while the 2023/24 campaign comes to a close on July 14, 2024. For more information, contact Brian at

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