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BWP Partners with PUMA and We Got Soccer

May 19, 2022

Albany, NY – BWP Football Academy is proud to announce a 3-year relationship with Puma

********************************For Imediate Release***********************************


Kariann Wolf
Marketing Director
p. 518-857-3359

“Sport has the power to transform and empower us. As one of the world’s leading
sports brands, it’s only natural that we want to stand on the same playing field as the
fastest athletes on the planet. To achieve that, the PUMA brand is based on the very
values that make an excellent athlete.”

Puma has made tremendous inroads at the top level of international club soccer as well as
supporting many federations. Puma continues to invest in properties and organizations that
are known for “high-performance”. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with
Puma and their marketing team to support our players and families at the Club,” stated
President Steve Freeman. “Between Puma and WeGotSoccer (WGS), we feel very strong
in re-establishing our position in the Capital Region of Upstate NY and beyond as the
Academy – Pre-Academy – Grassroots program that attracts the highest-performing male
footballers who want to learn, play and love our sport even more.”

For more information on Puma, visit the Puma website. For more information on
WeGotSoccer, visit the WeGotSoccer website.
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